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a review of organic101

Organic101 is one of our trusted choices for COVID19 masks, and hand sanitizer.  Their face masks are 100% USDA certified organic.  As is their hand sanitizer that kills 99.99% of germs including the coronavirus.  I guess an organic version exists for everything, even face masks and hand sanitizers.  Their face mask is a hi-quality, KN95 antiviral face mask.  As we’ve said before, the CDC approves KN95 masks as antiviral protective masks when N95 masks are not available.  There’s a large body of experts who say the KN95s are just as effective.  KN95 face masks are generally more plentiful than N95s, and are often better priced.

There are many rip offs out there selling bootleg versions of the N95 and the KN95 masks.  Organic101 carefully tests the authenticity of their face masks.  I personally love their luxury lip therapy that plumps my overly thin lips without drying them.  Because the product truly works, is probably why they’re so often sold out.  This however, is not the case with their face masks or hand sanitizer liquid.  We regularly check each of the supplier sites we recommend, to see how well they stay stocked with product(face masks, hand sanitizer).  So far this tiny company has done remarkably well at staying stocked with respirator masks and hand sanitizer.

They sell in bulk to individuals and companies.  The ordering process is easy.  They have a warehouse in Las Vegas, NV and are good about shipping out orders quickly and handling any customer service related issues.  They give free shipping on orders over $29.  We’ve found them friendly, courteous and generous with their time in answering questions.  They also have a pretty good organic deodorant I’ve tried, and as mentioned, a lip plumping lip therapy that is far superior to any other lip plumping concoction I’ve ever tried, which is likely why it’s often sold out.

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2 Reviews to “Organic101 Review”

  1. Good someone cared enough to make organic masks and hand disinfectant. And it’s no more in price to buy organic, so why buy anything else. My family made the switch to organic 2 years ago and try to keep organic where ever we can.

  2. This place had coronavirus masks when a lot of other places where sold out. Ordered their deodorant too which I like, and hand sanitizer. I just wish they carried more items.

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