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a review for netvue

There are many reasons Netvue is one of our top picks and trusted providers for protection and safety.  Not only do they have innovative quality personal protection items, but their unique and innovative AI home security indoor outdoor system is well worth looking at.

Facemasks, Alcohol wipes, UV Disinfection, Gloves, and Personal Protection Items

First here’s what we love in regards to their personal protection products.  Their UV Disinfection package is a must have.  It’s a portable container that disinfects whatever you place inside of it (phone, money, keys, dishes) killing 99% of germs.  It’s perfect for use in the workspace, travelling on planes, and can be used anywhere.  We consider a UV Disinfection system a must for personal protection, and this one is durable, convenient and easy to use.  They offer a hi-quality activated carbon KN95 mask that’s easy to fit snug to your face.  KN95 is the country standard for China that is the equivalent of the US N95 certification.  It is not the same thing, but very close.  Which is why the CDC approves KN95 masks for antiviral, and coronavirus protection, when N95s are not available.  They have great 75% alcohol disinfectant wipes that were still in stock, even while other places were sold out.  NetVue has quality FDA, CE certified protective isolation gowns and goggles.  Disposable PVC gloves that are cheap enough for everyday use, so you no longer have to touch elevator buttons, door handles, garbage containers or other areas that harbor hi contaminants.  They sell in bulk and many items have free shipping.

Home and Family Protection

We love the uniqueness of their AI home security system that protects your home and loved ones while you are away.  It can be managed from anywhere in the world, via your smart phone, at surprisingly affordable prices.  Indoor and outdoor HD infrared cameras allow both day and night vision.  2 way real time audio lets you hear what’s going on inside and outside of your house.  With the 2 way audio you can talk to your family, your pet(s) or warn off intruders.  You can set it to “motion detection” alert.  It integrates with Alexa.

But what really caught our attention, and blew us away, is their innovative home protection door bell.  This doorbell can be programmed to remember familiar faces, greet your guests by name, handle package deliveries, open the door for scheduled appointments using preset codes, and notify you of suspicious activity.  It has a HD infrared camera to view your door, and 2 way audio to speak in real time to visitors, even while out of the country via your smartphone.

This company is not as fast with shipping as our other picks, but make up for it in every other way.  The products are shipped from China with average shipping speeds.  Many items come with free shipping.  You can pay to expedite shipping.  NetVue has specials all the time, so check in regularly.  Customer service is excellent, fast and reliable.  This is a trusted, well liked, and reputable company.


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2 Reviews to “Netvue Review”

  1. Wow I love their UV light disinfecting box! Ordered a bunch of them for Xmas gifts come December. Also got the kids each the small cell phone UV thingy to disinfect their phones. The masks are Ok. Like the forehead thermometer. Our kids never did like a thermometer shoved in their ears or under the tongue. The UV box is a great find.

  2. Got a bulk order of their KN95 masks, their gloves, and alcohol wipes. I looked at the doorbell and home security package. Its amazing. I called the company and spoke with a rep for a while then decided to order it. That was a few day s ago so I didn’t get it in the mail yet. It will be fun to set the doorbell to greet guests and watch their faces on the camera when they hear the greeting. I can also personalize what it says for the holidays. I’ve been wanting a home and property security system, a good one that I understand how to use and now I’ll have it.

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