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review of n95instock a premier n95 mask supplier

N95InStock is a very good company for quality Coronavirus and Antiviral N95 face masks, face shields, sanitizer and more.  This company was our top choices before switching to CovCare for reasons addressed below.

N95Instock truly cares about public health, and safety.  They have some of the very best COVID19, antiviral N95 Face masks out there.  FDA, CE certified, NIOSH.  They carry name brands like 3M, Makrite, TopSafe, and other maximum protection N95 face masks, also N95 surgical masks.

All masks on the site have been carefully chosen because they are the highest quality masks you can buy at astonishingly affordable prices.  Their N95s have 6 layers of protection.  These are not flimsy cheap masks, yet they are easy to breath in.  The prices are incredible for the quality they offer.

The main downside of N95Instock is that many of their items ship from China.  Because of this many items have hi shipping fees and delays in shipping.  Some of their products ship from the US, but most come from China.   It’s a shame because this is an excellent company.  But so is CovCare.  This is why we now recommend CovCare as our #1 choice to buy hi quality full Coronavirus protection N95 facemasks, face shields, hand sanitizer, etc.

N95Instock sells small and large bulk orders.  Their masks fit comfortably and snugly to the face making it hard for pathogens to get in around the edges.  Often when masks fit close to the face, they’re harder to breath with.  The wearer ends up re-breathing a lot of their own carbon dioxide.  N95InStock masks have a higher than average breathability factor.  Meaning they allow more oxygen, while keeping out viruses, and pathogens.

Masks are tested by a team of engineers and experts to ensure safety, quality and authenticity.  There’s a large black market selling N95 knock offs.  Knock offs do not filter out viruses, COVID-19 or bacteria.  Masks on this site are certified “Authentic” N95 masks, guaranteeing they are the real deal.

What does it mean to be N95 Certified?

N95 is the US Certification Standard.  It means that more than 95% of particles can be captured at any time during tests.  N95InStock N95 masks filter out more than the US standard requirement, and more than many of the NIOSH masks.

Which are the Best Coronavirus and Antiviral Protection Face Masks?

This site has a number of top choice masks we love and use.  Like the 3M N95 NIOSH particulate respirator masks, the Makrite N95 NIOSH mask, their Topsafe N95 NIOSH mask.  We love their unique reusable gel silica N95 respirator facemask that filters out 99.95% particles, higher than most NIOSH masks.  It’s FDA, CE certified, easily fits to the face, forming a close protective seal over nose and mouth to prevent viruses from attacking your respiratory system.  This mask does not obstruct the vision, and has hi breathability.  It’s washable, reusable and comes with 30 replaceable filters.  Each filter lasts 1-3 days.   Since the mask itself is reusable, it’s cost effective, and super easy to use and disinfect.  It’s the most innovative N95 mask we’ve seen anywhere, and will provide it’s user with true antiviral protection for many years.

N95 Coronavirus Masks for Kids

Their N95 Kids Masks are the best we’ve seen anywhere.  Small children need child size masks that fit snug to their tiny faces, so they too, can be protected from coronavirus, and other deadly airborne diseases.  It’s hard to find hi quality N95 masks that fit kids.  These FDA, CE certified masks fit kid’s ages 3-9.  Easy for kids to breathe in, yet have 6 layers to effectively filter out most particles.  Adjustable head straps to fit different size faces.  Kids masks come in cute pink for girls, blue for boys.

What we love about N95InStock:

  • Highest quality COVID19 N95 facemasks, 3M, Makrite, Topsafe.  FDA, CE, NIOSH certified antiviral respirator masks
  • Reusable, washable N95 COVID19 respirator face mask, FDA certified filters 99.95% particulates.  Easy to clean, disinfect and reuse.  Comes with 30 silica gel replaceable filters
  • Highest grade child size N95 COVID19 face masks, high breathability, snugly fits to face (ages 3-9)
  • Top quality hand sanitizer 70-80% Ethyl Alcohol, FDA certified.  Kills Coronavirus, bacteria, and pathogens almost instantly.  Moisture rich gel
  • Great Prices, Superior quality items
  • Frequent Sales
  • Discounts on large Bulk orders or 1 Packs
  • Fast and easy ordering by phone or online
  • Excellent customer servic

Surgical Masks for COVID-19 protection?

We do not recommend surgical masks for coronavirus protection, unless they are N95 certified, which most are not.  General surgical masks do come in handy to wear while changing cat litter, cleaning horse stalls, to reduce automobile exhaust inhalation while jogging, breathing in cleaning chemicals, home medical procedures, to name just a few.  The surgical masks on this site are excellent quality, designed to reduce risk of viral exposure.   But stick to the N95 masks for coronavirus protection.

We also love this site’s hand sanitizers!  70-80% authentic ethyl alcohol which is the peak effective range to kill Coronavirus, viruses, bacteria and pathogens.  The travel size bottles make them convenient to carry in your purse, pocket or slip into a desk drawer.  Kids can easily carry them to school.  The Purell sanitizer gel is rich in emollients and doesn’t dry the skin.

Another great thing about this company is they stay well stocked with face masks and hand sanitizer.  Even during the shortages they kept a steady inventory.  We fully expect this to continue on into the future, as the company is fast implementing strategies to ensure they have adequate supplies of masks, and hand sanitizer, to meet increasing global demand.

Ordering is fast and easy by phone or online.  They ship all over the world and shipments typically go out the next day.  Their customer service is excellent, friendly and happy to answer questions

N95InStock is a hidden gem the public is just now catching onto.  They’re well-liked and trusted in the medical industry for their Coronavirus face masks, hand sanitizers, and protection gear.

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5 Reviews to “N95Instock Review”

  1. I’ve done my share of reading on face masks. Decided It best to go with N95 masks that were well made. Ordered from several places but like the ones best from here. There’s a definite difference between their masks and the masks from other places.

  2. I have a big law firm we employ more than 60 people. I just ordered bulk items of their N95 masks and hand sanitizer. I cannot speak highly enough of this company. They are a class A act all the way in terms of service and product. I also ordered the N95 reusable gel masks for everyone in my family, and as bonuses to key employees as a special thank you for going the extra mile during a tough situation. I’m glad you steered me toward them. Thank you Masksandthings team.

  3. I got a few of reusable silica gel respirator masks because it has multiple applications for industrial use, and is the best protection I’ve seen in N95 for Coronavirus. They’ll last a long time because I can easy clean them and the gel antivirus filters are replaceable. When I’m walking around in public with my gel mask it looks heavy duty so everyone asks where they can get one too. The company should start paying me for promoting their product. Lol. I really feel safe wearing it. I also use their disposable N95 masks too, gloves and hand sanitizer. I like to make sure I’m germ free!

  4. I recently bought a crap load of their N95 masks for my family and extended family. I first bought them for my own family. My kids had to have the kid’s versions, not only so they fit their faces tight to keep out viruses, but because the kids masks come in pink for girls and blue for boys. And what can I say, my 2 sons and 2 daughter are my princesses and princes, to they got princess pink and boy blue. Then when my nieces and nephews saw the pink and blue masks, they all wanted pink and blue kid’s face masks. So I ended up buying enough masks for my extended family members to cover special events. Lucky they were on sale when I went back to make this large purchase. The kids all loved the masks and literally fought over who would get what. We had to put them away and dole them out as needed, otherwise they want to wear them all the time. Anyway, I’m very happy with my purchases and dealings with the N95instock business. I was originally just going to go for the N95 gel respirator masks, but had to get the kids masks. The gel masks though are above and beyond. Thanks for turning us on to this company.

  5. This place has the best face shield I’ve found. Ordered face shields from 3 other places and had to send them back. I almost gave up finding a decent face shield and decided to give N95 Instock a try. I’m glad I did. This face shield fits perfect, super clear. I even tried scratching it and breaking it. It holds up great. I also like their moisture rich sanitizing gel. They give free shipping for the face shield so I’m going to order a shit load of them to resell.

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