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review of healthcare unlocked

HealthCareUnlocked is one of our top choice suppliers for antiviral facemasks, hand sanitizer, and protection gear for several reasons.  This company is run by a great team of people who truly care about public safety.  The company is well run and efficient, they can easily handle large quantity bulk orders.  And have some of the best prices we’ve seen for bulk items of hi quality.  This makes them perfect for companies who have to purchase large orders to meet new regulations for employee protection.

With all the added Coronavirus costs, especially on businesses, saving money is super important.  This company allows you to save money while not scrimping on quality.  They sell bulk to individuals as well, not just to businesses. It’s very easy to buy large quantities through them.  Shipping is surprisingly fast, even of large quantities.  They offer free shipping over $29.  They have numerous educational videos on their website including how to properly fit the KN95 mask to your face.

Their Coronavirus Masks, Hand Sanitizer, Gloves, and Protection Products

We’d like to point out that they offer KN95 masks not N95 masks.  The CDC approves KN95 masks as antiviral protective masks when N95 masks are not available.  There’s a large body of experts who say the KN95s are just as effective for antiviral protection.  They offer a quality FDA, CE certified KN95 mask.  Other products we love of theirs are: the bulk hand sanitizer gel.  It’s thicker than average so that when you apply it, it does not drip out from your fingers before you can rub it in.  The 32oz bottles are the perfect size to have strategically placed throughout a company.

They carry wholesale nitrile gloves and vinyl gloves in bulk.  We really like their face shields and have been seeing more and more of this companies face shields used in stores and businesses near us.  We really love their infrared thermometer that lets you take someone’s temperature without touching them.  Just aim the beam at their forehead and it reads their temp in Celsius or Fahrenheit.  Great for taking your little one’s temperature without waking them.

A large black market that has sprung up selling fake N95 and fake KN95 masks.  Healthcare Unlocked has a great system in place to ensure the authenticity of their face masks and other products before selling them to you.  They accept all major credit cards, bitcoin, and litecoin.  It’s a simple process to order by phone or internet.  Customer service is knowledgeable and friendly.  I don’t know what their customer service hours are, but I’ve called at all hours, even weekends, and someone always answers the phone.  We’ve found them to be quick at resolving any issues or problems that arise.  For some reason, their phone number is not listed on the contact page but can be found at the bottom of the terms of service page and it is the same number you can use for questions and orders.

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  1. I actually ordered the gel hand sanitizer from this company before but had forgotten about it until seeing them listed on your site. This time I got a couple jugs so I don’t run out. Also got their masks which I like. I’m happy with my order and the price is fair. Except I worry about the KN95 status on masks vs N95. I’m not sure I buy into the KNs being as safe.

  2. Healthcare unlocked just saved me lots of money. Had to get quantities of masks, face shields, gloves, hand sanitizer for my warehouse and other businesses. I’m sure I’ll be using them again real soon.

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