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halo life offers premium face masks to protect against coronavirus

HaloLife has fused the science of Nano-technology with fashion in their highly innovative Nano fiber Covid19 facemasks.  These antiviral, antibacterial masks are stylish, ultra-comfortable, and lightweight with a high breathability factor.  They prevent moisture build up, and will not fog up your glasses.  If you wear glasses you know what an aggravation mask fogging is.  These masks prevent the fogging.

Their super innovative “Halo Mask” filters particles down to 2.5 microns (99.99% particles).  99.99% particle filtration is better than most NIOSH certified face masks.  One of our other top choice suppliers Cov.care also carries re-usable, hi particle filtration N95 masks that filter 99.99% particles.

Hypoallergenic Nano fiber technology affords full spectrum protection from viruses, bacteria, dust, pollen, ash, smoke, exhaust, fires, molds and other pathogens, while at the same time affording maximum air flow, with hi breathability factor.  All of this is great news for allergy sufferers, or those who’ve difficulty breathing in a mask.

Halolife nano face masks

Halo Mask comes in 4 sizes; small for kids (age 7-12) through XL.  All sizes closely contour to both the upper, and the lower parts of your face, forming an airtight seal that effectively prevents air leaks, and blocks pathogens.  Their special design ensures a snug fit around the chin.  The moldable metal nose strip and nose pad fits to the top part of your face.

Having a snug fit protects both you and others around you in case of sneezing or coughing.  This design also prevents the breath from rising upwards to fog your glasses.  Halo Mask doesn’t obstruct the vision like many masks do.

Halo Mask ranks very hi on our list of top antiviral face masks.  Other masks that rate very hi for COVID are the N95 masks at Cov.care, particularly their re-usable gel silica N95 mask.

We personally own and use many of the masks from HaloLife “Halo Masks”.  Halo mask is by far the best looking antiviral face mask.  Masks may be the new norm for a long time to come, so it doesn’t hurt to own stylish looking masks as part of your protection gear.

What we love about the HaloLife Company and its Halo Mask:

  • Stylish, antiviral, anti Covid19 facemasks, filter particles down to 2.5 microns, (99.99%), better than most NIOSH certified masks.
  • Halo Masks are washable, reusable, and hypoallergenic with replaceable filters.
  • Nano fiber technology affords full spectrum protection from viruses, bacteria, dust, pollen, ash, smoke, exhaust, fires, molds and other pathogens.
  • Comfortable and light weight, ultra hi breathability.
  • A mask that doesn’t fog up your glasses.
  • Comes in 4 sizes S-XL.  All contour to your face for a snug air tight seal that prevents air leaks, and block pathogens from entering.
  • Inner bamboo lining reduces moisture build up and sweating inside mask.
  • USA Shipping is free on orders over $50.
  • Easy to fold and carry in purse or pocket

Other things we like about the Halo Mask are how comfortable and lightweight it is.  An inner organic bamboo lining prevents moisture build up, reduces sweating, and makes the mask soft, easy to breath in, and ultra-comfortable to wear for extended periods of time such as plane travel, or working long hours with the public.

The mask is durable, washable, with replaceable filters.  Unlike most masks whose filters need daily replacing, halo filters are effective 2-4 weeks, with normal use, making them a cost effective buy.  Please note, if you are in frequent contact with the public or in a hi pollution environment, you should change the filter weekly.  We recommend our readers stock extra filters before shortages drive prices up.

Wash your mask frequently to reuse.  We really like that you can add tea tree, eucalyptus, or other aromatherapy disinfectant oils in these masks.  Adjustable ear loops make for easy, quick on and off.

Halo mask is easy to fold and carry in your pocket or purse.  We strongly recommend you place your mask into a small zip lock bag before placing it in your pocket or purse.  Doing this cuts down on contaminants, and extends the life of your mask.

For every purchase HaloLife donates masks for the homeless and people in need COVID relief.  They currently do not ship international, but are working to change this for the future.  US orders ship typically ship from their Las Vegas warehouse within 48 hours.  Free shipping on orders over $50.

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4 Reviews to “HaloLife Review”

  1. I’m a camera man who wears glasses. It’s near impossible to operate a camera while wearing glasses because of the breath that steams the glasses. I’ve had a tiny bit of fogging with this mask, but for the most part I can film again.

  2. Our oldest daughter is asthmatic. This is the only mask she can wear that doesn’t cause an allergy flare up. My husband likes it since other masks make him feel claustrophobic. This mask doesn’t. I personally prefer disposable masks.

  3. My husband and I work in home healthcare and animal rescue. We use a ton of masks, gloves and sanitizer. This company has been a life saver for us in terms of hi quality for lower prices and faster delivery than all the other companies we’ve used.

  4. This company has the best prices I’ve found for N95s, hand sanitizer and gloves. We just started back at work from the lockdowns. I don’t trust the cheapo masks our company gives us. I ordered the masks here and like these ones. The masks fit my face good.

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