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CovCare is the #1 best source for hi quality, fully Certified COVID19 N95 Facemasks, face shields, hand sanitizer, gloves, and personal protection equipment.  This is where we buy 97% of our own supplies, and with good reason, that I shall now address.

They offer products at lower costs than the market price.  In fact, they guarantee lowest pricing on many items.  This does not mean their products are poor quality.  Quite the contrary.

Their products are excellent quality, thoroughly tested to ensure authenticity, accuracy, and fully certified to the highest standards in protection safety.  They supply N95 facemasks, face shields, hand sanitizer, gloves, and other personal protection items to major hospitals, nursing homes, and government organizations.    They sell these same hi quality items to individuals, at lower costs than the market prices.  CovCare gives the following discount code for our readers 2% off their entire order: MYVIP.

Cov.Care fills orders and ships them fast.  They’re able to do this because they have an extensive distribution chain, and a large network of factories they deal with.   This ensures they will most likely remain well stocked with personal protection gear during any future shortages.  CovCare is a US based company.   Items ship domestic and internationally from the US.  This company easily handles large scale bulk orders, and they do it faster than other places.

Let’s look at their COVID19 and Anti-Viral Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

CovCare’s AntiViral, Coronavirus Facemasks

  • All N95 respirator facemasks are NIOSH and CE Certified for COVID19, and Antiviral protection
  • Facemasks meet FDA and full certifications
  • Hi filtration of particles
  • Hi breathability factor
  • Nose foam cushion with adjustable metal for close, comfortable fit that is snug to the face, yet very comfortable for long-term wear
  • KN95 facemasks, adjustable nose piece, FDA approved with CE certification for Coronavirus
  • Their masks are used by major hospitals, nursing homes and government institutions to protect against COVID19.
  • All facemasks are glue free and odorless
  • Close fitting surgical facemasks with metal noseband and close chin fit
  • Custom print facemasks.  Can personalize with your logo or artwork. (Custom printed facemasks are not viral facemasks.  These are for promotional purposes and to be worn over your antiviral mask)

CovCare’s Alcohol Hand Sanitizers

  • 75% ethyl alcohol kills viruses, including Coronavirus and bacteria
  • FDA registered and WHO compliant
  • Kills 99.9% of pathogens almost instantly
  • Hand sanitizer includes strong moisturizers to prevent drying of skin
  • Available in portable size and large bottles
  • 75% alcohol Disinfecting Wipes

CovCare’s Disposable Gloves

  • Nitrile Gloves have a high tactile sensitivity, making it easy to use your phone or computer while wearing them
  • All Nitrile Gloves have hi puncture resistance, chemical resistance, resist oils and petroleum materials, making them ideal for medical, industrial use, food prep and cleaning
  • Their Nitrile Gloves are powder free, latex free, built to last, have good grip for dry and wet surfaces.  Available in sizes Small through Extra Large
  • Vinyl Gloves, CE certified with good tactile sensitivity, durable and puncture resistant, loose fitting
  • Latex gloves with high tactile sensitivity, molds well to the shape of your hand

CovCare’s Face Shields and other Personal Protection Gear

  • Hi quality comfortable Anti-fog Face Shields, crystal clear distortion free, wrap around the face, light weight with foam padding, antiviral, easy to clean and disinfect
  • Kids Face Shields, hi quality, ultra-comfortable, light weight, clear, distortion free
  • No contact Infrared Thermometer.  Convenient to measure temperature without risk of cross-contamination
  • CE certified Medical Isolation Gowns (level 2), full body protection against viruses and biological contaminants
  • Hazmat suit, protective Isolation Gowns (level 1)
  • Disposable boot and shoe covers
  • COVID19 test kits

This is a great company to buy large scale bulk orders for businesses and individuals.  Prices make them affordable even for the smallest of businesses.  We suggest dividing a large order between family, friends and co-workers to take advantage of their great wholesale bulk pricing.

For every 10 masks sold, they donate a mask for someone in need.  CovCare is a true gem that is well-liked and trusted in the medical industry for their Coronavirus face masks, hand sanitizer, and protection gear.

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3 Reviews to “Cov.Care Review”

  1. My order got here faster than i thought. what a relief, a few months ago i ordered a large shipment of masks and hand sanitizer from another company. it took almost a month. covcare is dependable and reliable. i like the quality of their n95 masks. the hand sanitizer is really moisturizing, good for my dry hands. face shield is clear

  2. i worked in ICU for one of the main new york hospitals 3 years until moving last month to new jersey. at the hospital we used covcare’s masks gloves and isolation gowns. masks and gowns are pretty much the same from hospital to hospital, but covcare gloves hold up much better than the gloves from other places. all in all, covcare has decent quality products, they protect and get the job done. i trust covcare products to protect me and would recommend their ppe to others.

  3. I stockpiled the N95 masks and sanitizer for the next coronavirus wave or whatever wave hits next. I’m satisfied with their stuff. I’m not an expert, but the quality seems good, meets CDC, WHO certifications. I’ll use them again.

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