How to Buy Face Shields that Effectively Block Droplet Spread Respiratory Viruses and Covid19

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Before you spend your money to buy face shields, here’s what you need to know to buy the best face shields to protect you and your loved ones.

Do we need Plastic Face Shields for Coronavirus?

Droplet spread respiratory illnesses can enter the body not just through your nose or mouth, but also through your eyes.  Measles is one example.  Viral contaminated droplets can hang in the air for over an hour, then invade your eyes.

We don’t yet know if COVID can infect the eyes, but there are enough experts warning it can, that we should take definite protective measures like wearing a shield mask in certain situations.  There’s also the case of NBC medical contributor Doctor Joseph Fair who’s said to have contracted Coronavirus through his eyes during a flight.

Research shows that a face shield mask may significantly reduce one’s exposure to airborne viruses and pathogens.  Many health experts say plastic face shields maybe more effective than masks for someone to go about their daily activities, when not in a high-risk environment.

The best face shields can block individuals from spreading viruses while protecting the eyes.  Face shields for Coronavirus give much better COVID protection than homemade cloth masks.  A growing body of experts warn that cloth masks do not protect from Coronavirus, and may actually increase the spread of illnesses.

Should I use a Face Mask, Purchase Face Shields, or Both?

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Here are reasons you may want to considering buying Face Shields: 

  • A shield mask protects the eyes from viruses and other disease causing particles
  • Plastic face shields are easier to breath in than face masks
  • Face shields for Coronavirus are cooler to wear in hot weather
  • People buy face shields to stop frequent face touching that spreads contamination
  • Allows people to see facial expressions and hear each other speak better.  Important for schooling, jobs and day to day activities
  • Easier to clean, disinfect, and re-use
  • More comfortable to wear for extended periods of time than face masks
  • Antifogging, good for those who wear glasses
  • Face shields for sale are quick and affordable to produce, making them cost effective

The downside of face shields for sale vs face masks is face shields leave big open gaps on the sides and bottom where viruses or other pathogens can enter.  There are no studies showing that a face shield mask alone will prevent the spread of Coronavirus.  A properly fitted N95 mask can stop the spread through mouth or nose much better than a plastic face shield will do, but then leaves the eyes exposed.

Because of this, many experts now urge people to buy face shield, and wear in tandem with an N95 mask as protection from Coronavirus, especially when in a hi risk setting.  Hi risk settings occur working in healthcare, or anywhere that there’s a strong chance for viral, or contaminant exposure.  Also if one spends a lot of time in public situations where social distancing isn’t carefully practiced, it’s best to wear both.

Buy face shield to protect your eyes, and block respiratory droplets from contaminating your mask.  Use an N95 mask to protect respiratory system.  The best face shields extends the life of your mask by protecting the exterior from respiratory droplets.

Many of our readers have asked where they should buy face shields, more specifically face shields for Coronavirus.  Here are the trusted suppliers we personally use to get the very best face shields:

Best Places to Buy Face Shields

a review of covcare, a leading supplier of face masks and other PPE


CovCare supplies full Coronavirus protection equipment to major hospitals, medical facilities, and government institutions.  Hi quality CE certified face shields, N95 face masks, hand sanitizer, gloves and much more.  They also sell to individuals.  We buy our own supplies here.  Face shields are durable, anti-fog, adjustable for most head sizes, have clear distortion free PET plastic that wraps around to protect the entire front of the face. Face shields are easy to disinfect, and vented for increased air flow. Very comfortable and light weight. This company can easy handle large scale bulk orders.  They also carry infrared thermometers, isolation gowns and more.  Fast shipping from the US.  This is a very good company. 

a review for n95masksinstock


Quality Coronavirus face shields that are FDA and OISHA approved.  They work well for glasses wearers as the PET materials make them anti-fog, distortion free, optically clear, 270 degree protection.  Also highly durable, shatter proof and holds its shape well, making it ideal to pack and transport.  The adjustable padded elastic band makes for easy fit.  The face shield is ultra-light weight, very comfortable, with good airflow for breathing.  Free shipping on this item makes it a good price for a durable face shield.  N95InStock also has hi quality N95 face masks, hand sanitizer and Coronavirus protection gear.

A review for healthcare unlocked

Healthcare Unlocked

This Company has wholesale pricing for wrap around face shields that are well made using anti-fog, antistatic, impact resistant, and direct splash protection. The elastic headband adjusts to fit most sizes. It’s made of light weight flexible plastic with sponge padding on the headband for comfort. Free shipping from the US on orders over $50. HealthCare Unlocked also carries face masks, hand sanitizer, gloves, infrared thermometers, and other PPE.

Face shields for sale maybe a better solution for kids, as kids commonly remove their masks to speak, they don’t always wear face masks in a safe way, plus kids are notorious for frequent face touching.  Face masks pose countless complications for schools or jobs where people need to communicate.

It’s difficult to hear someone speaking through a mask, especially if one is hearing impaired, or there’s noise in the room.  The speaker must project their voice loudly to be heard.   Projecting one’s voice through a mask makes it harder to breath.

Many schools are now looking to face shield mask as an acceptable alternative for kids to return to school.   Businesses are already using face shields for sale as an effective solution for crowded offices and business meetings.

What to look for when buy Face Shields to Protect from COVID19

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To be effective in blocking viral droplets a face shield for Coronavirus should extend past the chin, the head piece should fit flush to the forehead.  Look to buy a face shield that has an adjustable elastic band.  The shield mask should wrap around from ear to ear.

Get face shields for sale that are distortion free, anti-fog, anti-static, and give a wide, clear field of vision.  Buy face shields made of PET (Polyethylene terephthalate).  These are more durable, shatter resistant, and scratch resistant.  PET plastics resist the clouding that happens with the lesser quality face shield mask.  Additionally PET materials are hi temperature resistant, meaning they don’t warp or lose shape easily.  This makes them ideal for packing and transporting.

Buy a face shield that’s ultra-light weight, and rests comfortably on the face without putting pressure on the temples.  A shield mask should also have sponge foam on the headband to lift the plastic face shields away from the face for air flow and breathing.  These details will make your face shield do-able for extended wear such as travel or work.

We strongly recommend against using homemade face shields.  These are not the best face shields.  Having the right protective gear can, and does save lives.  Buy face shields that are authentic certified as FDA approved, CE approved, or OISHA approved face shields for Coronavirus protection.

If allergic to latex, make sure to buy a face shield that is latex free.

Clean your plastic face shields with soap and water, then disinfect using alcohol hand sanitizer, or alcohol wipes (70%-80% alcohol).

Neither a face shield mask, nor N95 mask can guarantee 100% protection from Coronavirus.  The best possible protection will happen when you buy face shields and use in tandem with an N95 mask.  Also frequent hand washing, and social distancing where every possible.

It seems viral threats are here to stay.  Still life must go; people need return to work or we’re facing unprecedented global economic annihilation.

A plastic shield mask and N95 masks make life with viral contagions possible.  Buy face shields, N95 masks, hand sanitizer, and gloves as part of your personal protection strategy before prices go up.